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Since 2010, we have been researching methods of interactive audience contribution in narrative performance, incorporating styles we’ve used in our three major productions – A Prisoner’s Dilemma (2008), Food for the Great Hungers (2009) and True Logic of the Future (2010), as well as our TEDxCanberra talk (2011). Out of this research, it’s our aim to produce a resource for those interested in producing interactive performances and presentations, by considering techniques and storytelling devices that use participation to enhance audience experience. We look at how these devices impact on the flow and meaning of a performance, and what kind of data comes back from the audience to be used in guiding storyline or generating unique artistic creations.

As well as this, we want to look at the technological back-end gear and software needed to integrate these techniques into a presentation. This research will hopefully offer insights into which interactive mechanisms are appropriate to use in a broad range of performance situations.

Our larger aim as a company through this research is to develop a stable of interactive structures which have been thoroughly playtested, and formalised in their use of support technology. As of 2011, our aim is to develop performance scripts alongside control files for video, sound and lighting in free or low-cost software, which can be distributed alongside the script to make remounting simple.

Take a look: Interactive Performance Styles • Scripting • Hardware & Software

 We use Isadora – the free demo of this software is full-featured without time limits, so it’s perfect for distributing control files that we have developed alongside scripts for easy remounting of talks and performances

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