Here’s a bit from us about the TEDxCanberra talk. Questions by David (currently overseas), to Jack and Michael.

First of all, here’s the video of the talk:

The full production script from the talk can be downloaded here.

David: How did this talk come about?

Jack: We had an email by Stephen Collins, the TEDxCanberra organiser, who very kindly offered us a spot on the bill. Not sure who nominated us but very grateful to whoever it was.

Michael: We’d also like to thank Dr David Newth and Dr John Finnigan from the CSIRO Centre for Marine and Atmospheric Research¬†for their help in getting us focused in the early stages of scripting.

D: What was the approach to producing this work?

J: The first thing we looked at was areas where TED talks and our usual work met. We had to be careful to ensure that what we were doing was a performance rather than a talk, and that the focus was on interpretation rather than explanation. None of the research itself is ours – and most of it had to be ludicrously simplified to keep each section down to a minute – so the task was to identify a good progression of simple ideas which led to the conclusion – that ignoring complex systems will basically kill us all. Then we set to thinking about ways we could get creative in communicating those ideas.

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