Following our performance at TEDxCanberra 2011, which was kind of a pilot for us in combining lecture and storytelling with interactivity, we’re working on formalising our work over the last few years, categorising it, and considering where various techniques are most effective. Figuring that others might find this useful too, over the next few months we will be posting regular articles on interactive performance styles and tech, looking at ways that audience members can contribute to their own appreciation of a work, resulting in a richer artistic experience.

We’re looking to create a resource for people interested in developing interactive narrative performances, and we’ll be aiming to post a new article every week or two. The first of these is the Treasure Hunt interactive mechanism, it’s up now. Take a look.

You can also find all the information you need about the company, including previous productions and scripts, reviews and whatnot, and contact info – it’s a website.

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